Day Camp

What To Expect

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The Polished Pooch’s Day Camp is action packed with energy burning activities that are mentally challenging as well. Whether your dog is a ball chaser, enjoys a good game of chase or pool lounger they will fit right into our Day Camp program.

We know how different each dog is, therefore we let our
pups determine their daily activities. Each dog has its own idea of a good time so we help them do what they do best.

"Most days our friends enjoy our spacious tree lined play yard, complete with REAL grass
(we do not encourage potty accidents by using synthetic turf) and secured by privacy fencing.
If the weather is less than perfect, we have our specially designed indoor “gymnasium” (complete with brand new specially designed slip resistant floors).
Rain or shine, at the end of any day, you will be greeted by a happy (and tired) pooch."

Hours of Group Play
Mid-day Walks
Tennis Ball Tossing
Lounging by our Wading Pool
and Frozen Kong Treats! 

We are one of the first doggy day camps to offer a traditional day care,
enhanced with a mind stimulating structured play, all while keeping your
canine physically fit and mentally happy.

We also can provide lunch or any other medical or dietary requests for our Day Camp guests.

Day camp does not offer one-on-one training, but is packed with continuous training during,


Our pooches also can relax while taking part in our
Polishing Spa Bath Packages.

Polishing Spa Bathing Packages Includes: 
Nail Filing, Ear Cleaning, Tearless Facial Scrub, & Anal Gland Expression

< 20         $15
20-40         $21
41-60         $28
61-80         $34
80-100+       $41

Why Send Your Dog to Daycare?

Day camp is a great way for all breeds to expend stored energy!

Well exercised dogs are less likely to become stressed, unlike the homebound dog who results to destroying their owner's possessions. Even if left outside, they can disturb neighbors with constant barking. Our day camp helps solve this! Let your four-legged child spend the day or week at camp while you vacation, shop with friends, have home repairs done, or entertain guests. 
Even if it’s just a few hours they’ll love it and so will you!

Your dog will receive plenty of exercise and loving attention, develop the self-confidence that comes with being exposed to new social situations, and come home from daycare ready for a quiet, relaxing evening with you.

Just like great educational programs for children, our Doggy Daycare is structured to have a balance of learning and appropriate play with friends – both human and four-legged – indoors and out.


Hours & Rates

Day Camp is offered every
Monday - Friday 
Our Main Facility in Collierville, TN
188 Eastley Street
Drop off is from 7-9:30 and are welcome to stay until 6:00pm for no additional charge.
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Daily Rate - $30
Additional Camper - $20

Individual Camper Packages:
(Single Dog Families)

 10 Visits - $235
    20 Visits - $435  
 30 Visits - $585
60 Visits - $990

       Shared Camper Packages:
(2-Dog Families)

Package of 10 ( 20 total visits) - $435
Package of 20  (40 total visits) - $735
Package of 30 (60 total visits) -  $990

**Ask Us About Our 2+ Dog Packages for HUGE SAVINGS**

Enrollment Requirements

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Day Camp is for ALL BREEDS of puppies as young as 12 weeks old. All Polished Pooch pups and day campers are required to be current on their yearly Rabies, Distemper, Parvo Bordetella & Influenza vaccine.

Proof of vaccines are required before scheduling
any Polished Pooch activity!!

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