Day Camp

What To Expect:

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Whether your dog is a ball chaser, enjoys a good game of chase, or a pool lounger they will fit right into our daycare program.

Day camp does not include training but caters to the most energetic dogs offering hours of traditional group play, individual play, splash pools, frozen Kong treats, spa days, and birthday parties!

We offer both traditional day care or individual day care! 
Both enhanced with mind stimulating structured play, 
and focused on keeping your pup physically fit and mentally happy.

Endless Activity 

 HUGE outdoor play yard, complete with REAL grass!
(W do not encourage potty accidents by using "indoor potty areas")

Spaciously designed outdoor ball throwing lane!

Massive year-round shaded play yard!
(All of our play areas are secured by a 6ft privacy fencing.)

If the weather is less than perfect, we have our specially designed indoor “gymnasium”
(complete with specially designed slip resistant floors).

Why Dog Daycare?

Day Camp is a great way for all breeds to expend stored energy!

Well exercised dogs are less likely to become bored and/or stressed, unlike the home-bound dog who may result to destroying their owner's possessions. This isn't just frustrating for owners, it can be extremely dangerous for the dog!  Our day camp helps solve this!

Let your four-legged child spend the day or week at camp while you vacation, shop with friends, have home repairs done, or entertain guests. Even if it’s just a few hours they’ll love it and so will you!

2022 Hours & Rates

Monday - Friday from 7am-6pm

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Daily Rate - $30
Additional Camper - $20

Individual Camper Packages:
(Single Dog Families)

 10 Visit Package - $235
    20 Visit Package - $435  

         Shared Camper Packages:
(2-Dog Families)

20 total visits - $435
40 total visits - $735

Add A Luxury Spa Bath

After a fun day of play, relax with a Polishing Spa Bath!

Our Bath Packages Includes:
Full Body Shampooing and Conditioning
Tear-less Facial Scrub
 Warm Towel Drying with Brush Out
Nail Filing, Ear Cleaning, & Anal Gland Expression

Enrollment Requirements

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Puppies are eligible for attend day camp as soon as they are fully vaccinated.

Our vaccine requirements are;
minimum series of 3 Distemper/Parvo vaccines

Please check with your veterinarian on age appropriate  vaccine recommendations.

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Proof of vaccines is required prior to  for  any Polished Pooch service!