Frequent Asked Questions

Is the First Class really FREE?

YES! The first class is completely FREE! 

How does your training program work?

We offer a drop off style training program with classes available with reservation Monday – Thursday. Training classes includes a one-on-one training consult upon pick up. During these sessions our trainer will demo concepts introduced and/or reviewed, answer questions, and assign follow up homework for owners to practice. The assigned homework is designed to make training easy to understand and uses simple exercises to make learning fun for both dog and owner.

Each morning dogs should be dropped off by 9:00am. Upon dropping off our staff will schedule your one-on-one training consult. Sessions are scheduled in 20-minute intervals beginning at 2:00pm with the last available session at 5:40pm. Consults are reserved daily on a first come first serve basis. Please arrive on time and remember to be courteous of those scheduled after you.

How long does it take to train a dog?

Introducing new concepts to a dog is the easiest and fastest part of dog training.
Dog trainers can accomplish a lot during in a small amount of time. Training dog owners can take more time. Fortunately, we are good at both!
We teach owners how their dog learns and why they behave the way they do. To help achieve an owner’s goals, our trainers will work as fast (or as slow) as each client/dog needs to introduce obedience concepts, establish behavioral boundaries, or address social concerns.
Some have goals to simply have a dog that walks nicely on a leash. Some owners may be able to attend just a few classes to accomplish this, while a less experienced may need a little more help.

How many classes a week are recommended?

Attending training classes twice a week is our beginning recommendation for all dogs.
Classes are offered Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Attending classes every day is not recommended.
 It produces a dog that learns faster than the owner because there hasn’t been enough practice time at home.
 Remember, owner’s must learn to handle their dogs, too. It does no good to have a dog that only listens to the trainer and not their owner.

What is the difference between training school and daycare?

Training classes introduce obedience concepts, establish behavioral boundaries, or address social concerns. Drop off training class includes a one-on-one training consult upon pick up. Our trainers teach concepts and behaviors through one-on-one handling and small group application practice. Training dogs also enjoy multiple recess breaks in group or individual play throughout the day.

Day camp does not include training but caters to the most energetic dogs offering hours of traditional group play, individual play, splash pools, frozen Kong treats, spa days, and birthday parties! Our facility has a huge outdoor grassy play yard, spaciously designed ball throwing lanes, and a giant indoor playroom. Our day camp caters to the most energetic dogs offering mid-day walks, tennis ball tossing, lounging by our splash pools and frozen Kong treats!

How much does Training School cost?

Classes are $52 per visit. We offer discounted 10 visit package for $445.
Purchasing a package reserves 10 training classes based on preference, choosing between the Monday & Wednesday option or Tuesday & Thursday. Reservations can be rescheduled with a 24-hour advanced notice. No-Call No-Shows will result in a forfeited packaged visit or $65 fee.

How much does Resident Training School cost?

Currently, our resident training option is unavailable.
Enrollment of our drop off training school is frequently on waiting list; therefore, we are not taking reservations for resident program.
Please check back with us in a few months.

How much does Day Camp cost?

Day Camp is $30 per visit. We offer discounted pre-paid packages for day camp.
Attending day camp does not require a reservation nor do our day camp packages expire.
            10 Visit Single Dog Day Camp Package:                  $235
            20 Visit Single Dog Day Camp Package:                  $435

What are the age requirements?

Puppies are eligible for enrollment when they are fully vaccinated.
Our vaccine requirements are; minimum series of 3 Distemper/Parvo vaccines, a Bordetella, & a Rabies vaccine.
Please check with your veterinarian on vaccine age requirements.

How Do I Get Started?

First, complete our new client information packet. This can be found on our website under the “contact us” tab.
 Next, ask your veterinarian for a current copy of vaccines. Vaccine requirements are;
3 series of puppy Distemper/Parvo vaccines, Bordetella, & Rabies.
Then, contact our office to schedule your evaluation visit.   901.850.DOGS or email us at
And finally, arrive between 7:00am – 9:00am with the new client information packet and copy of vaccine on your first visit.

What to expect the 1st day?

We offer a complimentary first visit to all new clients. For some dogs it can be nerve wrecking when introduced to new environments with new people at new places. We also understand this and want our dogs to be comfortable and confident. We use the day to complete a thorough training evaluation, discuss goals with owners, and form a game play. This allows us to create the absolute best custom program for each individual dog's needs. Temperament evaluations for new day campers insures we have an appropriate play group for their needs.