So Why Train Your Dog?

The Polish Pooch Philosophy:

Meridith's philosophy is- just like people, every dog is a unique individual. Some are shy, some energetic, some are dominant, and some can be behaviorally challenged. But all are social, pack-oriented animals and have a natural understanding of leadership.

It is important to remember your dog is a significant member of your family and should be treated as such. But, if you fail to establish a leadership position for yourself, your dog will feel obliged to take the position.... Your dog then starts training you. When he continuously barks, you give in. Meridith works with your dog, replacing the inappropriate "demand barking" with a more acceptable behavior.

All dogs benefit from a leader who is kind, fair, and consistent. They want the security of knowing their place and what’s expected of them. Good leaders teach manners and insist on polite behavior. Therefore, it is important to start training your puppy as soon as you bring him home.

"Training serves to strengthen the bond between a dog and his owner and builds communication, understanding, and mutual respect."

The Polished Pooch Way:

We believe in order to create a leadership role, a bond of mutual respect and affection must be established. Our methods will give you the tools to take on this role and equip you with the necessary skills to preserve the relationship. We will teach you how your dog learns so you can communicate successfully through well-timed verbal commands and visual cues.

You will discover a new way to “talk” to your dog. Surprisingly, the words you use are not that important, but the tone, pitch, and intensity are.

The Polished Pooch understands that training your dog means more teaching basic obedience skills.
We know that inorder to have a truely balanced dog, you must focus on all three areas of training, not just obedience.

Socialization is extremely important. Proper socialization is valuable for dogs of all ages, not just puppies. It exposes them to new situations and allows them to develop skills to cope with new experiences in a positive and confident manner. This can be especially beneficial for dogs that become easily agitated or over excited. Meridith reminds clients that dogs are instinctively social animals. For hundreds of years they lived in social packs. There was a leader of this pack and there were more submissive member of this pack. Just as you see in a litter of young puppies, there are dominate puppies and there are quieter-submissive puppies. Dominate puppies are usually the fat one who push their way to be the first in line to eat. And again, there are smaller more submissive puppies that learn to wait patiently.

Secondly, the word behavior can be defined as the way in which one acts or conducts oneself.  The word training can be defined as the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior. Behavioral  Training focuses on modifying undesirable behaviours and replacing them with a desired behavior. We teach things such as; how to meet a friendly stranger, replaces demand barking with more acceptable behavior, and potty training issues, jumping, counter surfing, etc.

And finally, obedience training. This is the more traditional training, "come", "sit", "stay", "off", "leave-it", etc.
We use all three of these training areas to create a perfectly balanced dog.


The Polished Pooch uses positive motivation with encouraging reinforcement to help your dog develop the social and behavioral skills he needs to become a confident, well balanced dog. Our approach is flexible because we understand no two dogs learn the same.

We will use treats occasionally to help motivate one in the beginning; we do not use techniques that continuously rely on food rewards!

Do you really want to wear a fanny pack full of treats
around for the rest of your dog’s life?

We want your dog to work to please you!